Accepting but not attending

i accepted both dark horse and nirvana,what will happen if i dont attend one.
would i be banned from E-Litmus.

you should have set your priority first…for now ,you will not be banned from elitmus…dont worry. they give three chances for us…this will be your first chance to skip the interview…make sure you dont accept the interview call unles you are able to attend next time…once you are done with three chances they dont consider you as a serious candidate and will not call for further drives…

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Thank u , i am relieved now

Better to decline when you are not sure about attending the drive.

ok after declining the call, would they consider later for another drive of the same company ???

of course but you must decline with location not convenient. If you decline 2 times, you will not be allowed to attend future drives of that company.

thanks bro…

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You can also decline with date not convenient(if location is not a problem) ryt ‚Ķ does it make any difference with location not convenient‚Äč?

Yes you can.

I mean, if there are multiple locations then you may considered for drives in other locations… But. 1)wat if there is only one location and you decline it or
2) irrespctive of the no of location, you decline the call by saying "date is not convenient"
My question is do we get an another chance for upcoming drives of the same company , considering you have declined with any one of above 2 reasons…
Also declining the call has no effect on future company calls ryt???

  1. I applied for Agile media chandigarh and declined with location not convenient on 30th july and again declined with date not convenient on 14th august. Now since I have declined two times, I cannot appear ever for future drives through elitmus for agile media. If company is in other location(only location), if you decline once with location not convenient, then you will be called after some days in future drives at company location(not home location) or skype interview is possible.
  2. If you decline with not interested in job, you will never get calls again for that company. If you decline with location or date option, then only 2 declines are allowed. Not called ever for future drives of that company through elitmus after 2 declines.

Ya I got that… Thank yu…:+1:
But are you sure declining with ‚Äúdate not convenient‚ÄĚ will provide us 1 more chance on some other date‚Ķ
Because I have 2 companies this Saturday, 1 off campus and 1 Elitmus Pvt LTD (business profile)…
Since both are good i dohn wanna miss both the opportunities… So asking you, if I can decline Elitmus company this tym and attend other company…
I ll surely get an opportunity for Elitmus on some other date ?? Thereby missing none of the bothūüėÄ

And btw we dohn need to apply for the same company (same job) again ryt , if we already applied once…
It will automatically consider from old application right??..

Yes. You don’t need to apply again.

Elitmus hires very few in reality. No loss if you miss their drive, Decline with location or date option. Its utopia to get job in ELitmus. They hired 0 candiates out of 40 for fullstack developer in june.