Accenure Drive No Updates

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Hey team , Please keep me updated with Accenture drive, I think most of the candidates have received acknowledgement from Accenture, I did not receive one yet. Please allow me for the drive, I have also missed 2019 drive of Accenture In the same way. Hope you do not ignore. In my jobs Accenture went inactive. Hope you revert back quickly, as from tomorrow assessments start, I am not even able to reach you via phone / email .

Please share the update regarding Accenture , it’s been nearly 15 days after the assessment.
Please share the update

No updates bro. We all are in the same condition as you. Nothing has been conveyed yet. God knows when they’ll do so.

Please give me a proper update about Accenture dirve. I have been waiting for the drive for the long time and you didn’t even send me a mail