Accenture Test for 2019 and 2020

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I gave the test on 19 november. Next day(20 november), I got an email from the Accenture for the registration.

Yes, it is same for everyone

Can you share us the details of yours like ph score , branch and CGPA

Is thos the email you have got?

I didn’t receive any mail from Accenture for tomorrow’s drive(24th Novemeber 2020)

Yes, i got a registration mail by Accenture

Yes register on this

Hi, do you have any experience or fresher?

Can you provide registration link

Can you provide Accenture registration link

Can anyone please help me what to write on expected salary of Accenture drive?

You’re 2019 passed out or 2020 passed out

can you send me this mail

Even i did not receive any mail

Did you receive any link?

Please publish my comment someone!!

Can you send the link to this mail -

Not received any communication regarding ACCENTURE 24NOV DRIVE. DID ANYONE RECEIVE ANYTHING?

u r from which batch?

No I didn’t receive for 24th drive