Accenture status is showing not shortlisted dispite of having a new score

I applied for Accenture but at that time m score was less, so I again took test and now my score is good but Accenture status is showing notshort listed how can I apply for it again with my new score for the 18th Feb 2017 drive.

Do you have yr college name there in list of Accenture college list ?

I scored 160
But my cllg name is not there on the list.

Will they only call the students who are from the clg that are on their list

Yeah Accenture is strict about college list.

Thank you very much Vikash

You choose pune location or bangalore ?

Dose the preferred evaluation location is a constrain .If suppose i have selected delhi as my preferred evaluation location would they call me for Bangalore event?

The After next Pune Not shortlisted availability yet…

OK what about your 10th, 12th and btech marks

did you score 80+% in all 3 section of elitmus test, if not, they won’t call you. I had a score of 209 but 76% in quant so they didn’t call…ping me on 7503806071 so we can keep track of the issue.

so is it bcoz of college list or less score that accenture is not calling…as College List was an additional eligibility ?

also does no of attempts also matter ? getting 80 % in all in 4th attempt will they shortlist me ?

You could try taking the test for 4th time, but the elitmus policy says most companies don’t consider 4th attempt marks, infact, they debar the student completely from their drive. So consider the risks of taking the test for 4th time.

that means 4th attempt will be of no use :confused: also tell me whether your college was present in their college list ??? bcoz one of my friend has got call even college name was not present !

do you have material… please send me at…i am having exam on 5th march please guyss suggest me how to preapare for good score