Accenture selection process

I had given the “Game test” of Accenture last month but was not selected. So my status is showing as not selected in the Accenture application part but I had not attended the interview. So if I give the elitmus in upcoming schedule, will they consider me for the upcoming Accenture drive or not?
Please clarify if anyone has any idea about this.

same situation .got new ph score but due to rejection in game test my status is showing “not selected”.

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what’s this “game test” about everyone speaking… actually i’m directly called for interview on 18th feb with my scores.Is this game test will be there during interview procedure actually in my process it is mentioned that there will be direct TR+HR round…???

Can we apply to future accenture drive, if yes, how?

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People with less elitmus scores were asked to give game test for there further selection.
NO , u dont have to face this it is good 4 u. So dont worry,

I tried to call them today , but the no was unreachable.
U should try as well, and ask 4 the same.
If u get to know anything , plz let us know.

Thats what we r asking bro. U should call as well.

even i tried to call,but they never pick calls.
okay i ll inform if there ll be any update regarding this.

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Any updates yet.
Still, there no is not reachable.