Accenture recruitment drive 2019-2020

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Hi, I am 2019 batch graduate. I applied for the Accenture job 2-3 days ago but still havent recieved any test link or any communication.The test is schedule today itself .Can someone acknowledge about the process of this recruitment.


Same here, please let me know if you get any update.

same problem here, no official mail or communication was done !!

do you have a ph score,my ph score is 80%ile even i didn’t recieve any test link or further communication.

Same here Also I don’t get any mail for test link.
Can anyone tell me by which reasons our application get inactive for Accenture?
Is ph test compulsory for Accenture?

I am also from 2019 batch. I have no ph score. Applied for accenture on 18th. Have not got any mail from accenture till now. Since it is not mentioned in the eligiblity that ph score is mandatory So ph score might be optional. May be they are sending link to 2020 batch first.

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2019 Batch and didnt recieve any communication. Is this a fake job or genuine.
I have applied nearly 3 jobs on e-litmus from past one year and all 3 ends up getting inactive.
Need clarification for this !!!

I also didn’t receive any mail regarding to Accenture test.

Same here.have not received any link

i also didn’t receive any mail to Accenture test link

Can u give update …
When we will receive the email

Same here. I also applied for accenture drive but no official mails from elitmus or accenture.Its showing the application in inactive jobs section.

have you got any reply from the elitmus helpdesk ???please let me facing the same problem.the jobs are getting inactive.and im a 2020 graduate .and they havent mentioned that the ph score is mandatory.havent got any sort of mails regarding the registration

did you get any email for test from 16 to 24th december ?

Same here i don’t get any link i applied this job nearly 15 days but there is no response to me

I got a registration link from Accenture. But further details will be communicated