Accenture Pune drive 20 Jan 2018

Did anyone receive an email of invitation regarding Accenture drive at Pune on 20 Jan??

No…not yet…

Yes. I recieved it two days ago

What are ur scores ?
Did ur college is in accentures college list ?

Great… All the best I haven’t received yet

Eng- 78.2
Quant- 71.30
Logical- 69.6
No My College is not in the list…Is that mean that Colleges of those candidate which are not in the list will not be eligible to attend the drive??

My college is also not in the list…Does it mean that i won’t get call ?

@shubham_3032355 @garima_3389947

If your college name is not in the list, there is a very very small chance of getting a call.
Maybe in the later drives, but no guarantee!

My Friend got 82 marks in yesterday exam .and main thing is his college in list of Accenture… he’ll shortlisted or not?

I think cut-off is 100. So may not be shortlisted.


Anyone have the list of colleges for pune drive?
please share.

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Check this topic -
See the links under Popular links, the first link is for list-

My college is not in that list. Is there any chance of getting interview call letter?

Very less chance, maybe a 10% chance.
May get a call in later drives.

Will they hire for 2016 batch?

List shows my college name

Soon 2018 will start, so I don’t think they will take 2016.

Registration link is only for selected or it is for all???

Don’t no