Accenture or Mindtree?

which one is better…???

Both are excellent for a fresher.
You may apply to both as their dates are 6th and 7th respectively.

In terms of presence, size, revenue, etc., Accenture is bigger than Mindtree.
Check their wikis.

any idea what ctc they offer generally to freshers as nothing is mentioned about it?

Is there need pH marks to apply for Accenture…?!!

Accenture is offering 3.5 LPA.

@akash_3386979 Yes, they shortlist candidates on the basis of their pH score. Without a score its not possible.

Mindtree is here? I don’t see Mindtree at all. I may have missed it. What was the last date to apply?

Mindtree has a drive on 7th January.
You don’t see it because you may have applied it earlier.

You do not need to apply again. Your status should show “Applied”. Check your application history.

You’re right. I had applied to Mindtree with an older score and resume, didn’t hear from them.
But I have better scores now and an updated resume. But I can’t explicitly apply again.
Which information will Mindtree receive?

They will get your new score and resume.

If you have 65+ in academics you should get calls.

I have applied to Mindtree from 4 different sources but never got a call since I have 62 in XII-th.
Very strict people! :rofl:

Gah. I guess my 64.75% UG will land me in the same boat as you! :rofl:

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However, there is a chance.
In FreshersWorld, the job does not mention any cut-offs.
But the drive is already over, (28th Dec). I got the notification on the night of 27th and there was no chance to reach Bangalore in such short notice.
Other drive is in Chennai and Hyderabad in January.

You should apply. However, would need to travel in those cities.

Accenture- 3.5LPA
Mindtree- 3.25LPA

My eLitmus exam is on 7th of January and I am from session 2014-18. Should I apply for Accenture?

It is only for 2017.

You can apply for Dark Horse or Rapidd Technologies.

Can I apply for that Internship right now before getting the pH marks or later…?!!As I already told you my exam on 7th of Jan and I have no idea how much time it will take to declare their exam result.

Yes, apply now.
When your score will be released, it will be sent to the company.

7th Jan result will be declared by 9th.

Mindtree is better as there is a high probability that you may end up filling excel sheets, do support work or just sit on the bench in Accenture .


Is it the job is not at all related support,but i heard that the increments in mindtree is good