Accenture offer letter of 24 sep

Has anyone got the offer letter for the Accenture drive held on 24 September??

no dear… kindly update if anyone of u get any info regarding this.

No…till now no mail or msg

Someone told me they will not give u offer letter…may be they will give after 6 months…

anyone got confirmation mail or offer letter from accenture side??

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yes i have received a mail today in which it has written that-We have received your request for your offer letter . While we review your request, please be informed that your joining Accenture is subject to business needs.
There is no requirement currently and we will come back if there is any requirement in future.

Campus Recruitment Team

have u got any mail from accenture web team??

Yes about reset your password

and then today u have got another mail from accenture? have u written any query to the accenture ?

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Yes I wrote a query about offer letter

okk… actually i haven’t got any such mail from there side. and also i have read many queries on accenture offer letter and the mail u have got is a template. anyone who will send query to accenture mail, will get the same template. so dont wry.

Do you have any idea when we will receive offer letter?

no dear… don’t have any idea regarding the offer letters.

I have not got any web mail of changing password! Do I need to worry ?

I too have not got any message from accenture regarding changing your password…

Hey, anyone got call from Accenture for joining??

Not yet

Yea i got a call yesterday
They asked if i am willing to join on 24th of this month?
I asked what will be the further dates
They said none.
So i said ok sure and without waiting for a second they cut the call.

yeah… same here… i too got a call from them for 24th oct joining.
hey, plz update if u get any mail from their side.

From which number they called? I haven’t got a call