Accenture next on boarding batch?

Hello people,
Any idea regarding the next on boarding batch for Accenture?
Whether for off campus or on campus?

Does off campus 2016 batch have still chances of on boarding?

Kindly share the updates if you have any.

Thank you

But not everyone got that mail right?
What about the people who did not get that mail?

only few got that mail. not everyone

i dont know about jan batch. But from feb 18th batch on wards didnt get


People who attended with me also didn’t get mail.

You got mail?

we don’t have any cid as such to check.

In elitmus portal it’s just as attended

only got registration link and EAF mail

which batch are you from?

Do you know anyone who did not get the mail? My interview was in February, but I have received the mail.

can u plz share your interview experince in accenture…any one plz…

Even my interview was in Feb. I did not get rejection email