Accenture New Drive

Is there any college criteria for the new drive starting from 10th February?


What to do if University name is there in the list but not college list?

Can candidates now expect call if college name is in the list??

M.Tech is not there in the criteria for these drive bro. Sorry.


  • BE / B.Tech / MCA students across all branches who have graduated in academic year 2017

The same college list is applicable? If so, I didn’t expect biased behaviour from such a reputed company. And also from eLitmus for allowing this on their platform.

Bro, i’ve attended accenture drive through elitmus but didn’n get selected, and i applied through amcat and i’ve exam on 10th fab. they allow me to attend the drive and will there be any future problem

They have mentioned in their criteria that u shouldn’t have attended any Accenture drive in last 6 months. So i think that can b a problem.

You will be allowed to attend.
But there may be a problem in the future.

When I went for interview, they asked us “If you have attended the drive in the past 6 months, please tell us now so that you don’t face problems in the future.”

Also, if the interviewer is same, he might recognize you.
Its better you don’t attend and save your time and energy.

Yes, the same (hidden) list is applicable.
Think hard bro. Why go to every college in different cities? Instead call students from different cities to one college. They are saving big on time and money.

The profile is the same.
The drives in January for Application Development Associate and this month’s drive are same. So all criteria are same.

Maybe they will do drives in March for ASE-IT which does not have college list, but there is no guarantee.

Do you know what to do if University’s name is there but not the college name? Our degree certificate don’t have college name in it

You will be shortlisted on the basis of the college/university name in your profile.
I don’t think there will be any problem.

I had the same case. My college name is not in the list, but University name is in the list.
My grade cards have University name.

I had applied earlier but my status is not shortlisted. Is there any chance now?

Has anybody got Accenture I-Card

If the status is “Not Shortlisted”, there is a rare chance of getting calls.

Did you got the interview call letter from amcat for 10th feb drive?

Did anyone get the interview call??