Accenture Joining Date Pending for 10th and 11th Feb Selected Candidate from Bangalore

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Hi everyone, how many of you attened interview on 1oth and 11th feb and got offer letter but waiting for joining date

me!! so any idea about tentative joining date? after the selection process, they said joinig date would be 26th feb. but it doesnt seem to be so.

Some of my friends got joining date today and all of them received offer letter on 15th or 16th feb and have a chennai as joining location

ohh ok. even i got it around 15th i suppose. but no mail from the company until now. when was their interview done and when is their date of joining

10th feb

Doj 26th feb

You can add this group

even i got my offer letter on 15th feb and my interview was on 10th feb at banglore

Whats you preference job location

i kept 1) Bengalluru
2) Hyderabad
3) Chennai

I got offer letter on 15th, accepted it on 18th but have not got joining date and location yet.
I was interviewed on 10th Feb.

hello Friends i have weak in English Speak. what I do? I am speak english 30 seconds in interview. so that any company take me without English.
i have write english and understand but i haven’t speak it.