Accenture interview result for 21st September drive

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If Any one receive Accenture interview result Then Please inform here or if anyone has contact in Accenture then please ask them when we get our result atleast.

Not got yet… I m also waiting

what’s your ph score

May be they are sending the results after the next drive means on 28th september…bdw i am also waiting for the result…How many students they are gonna hire approx???

Results are out

yes i got two email to upload the document…is that the same email you received???

Is that the confirmation that we cleared the interview

I have same query !!!

I haven’t got

I got two email just 10 min ago and asking me to upload document

I am feeling very disappointed… I haven’t got yr

it will come bro…wait may be they are just started sending

Yeah I think so…they have just started sending and ull get it in a while

now i got text sms on mobile phone to follow instruction on email

But i think they will only send to selected persons

you didnt get email how do you know that results are out??

My frnd has got

Wait dear u will get it

so should we assume that this email as interview result??

Yes those who got mail are selected