Accenture interview result for 21st sep

If any one receive Accenture interview result who gave interview on hyderabad?does they send any regection mail?

No idea… But i haven’t got any mail… I think everyone has got nearly 7 p. M

there is a drive on hyderabad ther any one from 21st sep drive who got any mail from accenture?

r u from hyderabad?


Yaa those who are selected have got mail today

no no do you know any people from hyderabad who cleared accenture assesment test?

No… But I think everyone who has cleared have got mail from everywhere

does they send any rejection mail?

can u please inform me that?

If they will send me i will inform u

Most probably they don’t send

okk tomorrow in hyderabad there is a drive

Do you know where the drive is in Hyderabad tom?

Hey guys I also appeared for interview on 22 but did not get any mail.will they send or not?

Bro…in the mail we got a video where they told us about clearing interview and further details…so may be you are not selected ??? Otherwise you can only wait for the mail and side by side prepare for other interviews also

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Can u send me video please

which video u are talking about…I only get username and password to upload the document

yes…using the username and pw when you login to upload the documents and the tasks…below it there is an animated video about the whole process and at the starting only it said ,“congratulations for qualifying our interview round”

Anyone who attended interview at Amity Noida, on 21 and received mail