Accenture form application

Those whu have recieved the mail from accenture related to the application form to be filled…
do u guys olso having problem in selecting the college and not being able to change the aggregate???
plzz rply

Yes. I am also facing the same problem. The college name drop down is not working. Nd we have only 3 days to fill that form.

does it wrkd out??? @vartika_2577247

nopes. still not working. i have informed the hel desk also. but no response from their side

go to post graduation… in that portion post graduation details are not necessary to be filled…
den u can fill ur graduation details… it ll work properly…try it

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Okyy… Thank you.

Is this registration for ASE profile? because I havn’t received any registration form.
I have got only link for game test .

hey what next after completing all the task. we havent got any response from Accenture’ side.

not yet