Accenture drive Result of hr inteview held in NCR on 13th july

have anyone got the result of hr interview or any mail after the interview for Accenture on 13th jully in NCR

Not yet bro. I’ve heard from those who attended 6th July drive that they got their profile creation mail just after 2 days

To all the people who attended 13th July NCR drive… Join the group and let us be in contact for further updates.

Bro,I am from 6th july drive. Even i don’t got any mail from accenture regarding selection or rejection.
Did they took your resume after HR Interview???

Yes… What about you?

No, they did’t took my resume.

But many student got Profile Creation mail to upload document fews days after hr interview.

Bro, did u got any mail Recently regarding Profile Creation ???

Yes I have got the mail yesterday and I know 2 more people who got the mail for profile creation