Accenture drive NCR 29th june

I got a mail from accenture asking for my details and as soon as i filled my details i got another mail in which they stated "Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with Accenture.

We regret to inform you that your profile does not meet our eligibility criteria, and hence we will not be able to proceed further with your application at this stage."

What is eligibility criteria?
I have 9.2 CGPA in 10th, 89% in 12th and 7.64 cgpa in graduation.
What can be the problem?


Same happened with me. Can’t understand what’s the problem


Same happened with me. Please do something regarding this.

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Same happened with me right now.I don’t know what to do.I have filled everything correctly.One thing which i changed was B.Tech to Bachelor of Engineering.

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same happened with me.Don’t know why!

Did anyone get Accenture message regarding next steps .

yes i received a message same as one earlier message this morning.

email elitmus regarding it. i have done you should also do…may be we can get some solution

is there written aptitude test also on ncr 29th june?

What is CTC offered and is there any bond in this position?
Plz reply

Did you receive any update after applying for the drive?
In case you’ve, is there any Point of Contact given?
I applied for the same but no update till now from eLitmus or Accenture either! Please help me out.

@lithesaha Yes they have postponed the drive because we don’t have 8th semester result.