Accenture drive feburary 2018

Does anybody got interview call from accenture for february 2018 drive?Kindly reply.

S I got interview call letter on feb 9 for first round.

Is your college in list?

Cambridge University


My college is Jaypee Institute of Information technology . Where to find the college list?

Its not there.

where to find the college list ?

Check this post -

Scroll down a bit, you will see the first link under “Popular Links”.


Yes I received the interview call for 10th feb

Interview location?

Anyone got offer letter?

i got it

When did you receive the mail? And where are you posted (also state the preference order)?

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I too get the offer but didnt receive the date of joining

Did they mention the location of posting? Or are you talking about the document upload link?

Its shown bangalore

When did you receive the mail? And when was your interview?

Day before yesterday. And my interview was on 10th