Accenture drive conducted on 7th January

Has anyone got any mail from accenture or elitmus for the drive conducted on 7th January.

No not yet…waiting

Any one got mail?

not yet .but the status in elitmus dashboard has changed to attended from confirmed


I dont find any attended status in the link you posted.what’s your dashboard status showing at present?

sorry my bad i read it wrong

mine also showing attended

Mine showing as confirmed

But it should come as offered i think

is there anyone whose status is showing other then attended and confirmed??

now we can just wait for the mail. is it true that people who gave the interview before 10:30 drive got their result just after the interview??

I don’t know about the previous batch but mostly they won’t announce the result face to face.

but they told some people who gave interview earlier that day ‘you can leave for the day’

No i attended before 10.30 but they made us wait in the room and accenture people said u will get confirmation through mail by monday or Tuesday

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exactly the same happened with us too.

my status is showing attended. but i didn’t get any mail.

can anyone tell what is the meaning of attended?

I am also waiting eagerly for the result…even in my elitmus profile it is showing “attended”.

Just now my status changed from confirmed to attended. What does that mean