Accenture drive admit card

Hello friends please tell me when the Accenture drive admit card will be available in website ?becoz I haven’t get it yet. The Accenture drive which will be organised in Bangalore on 21st April 2018. Please inform if anyone know .Thank you.

If you are talking about the drive for IT Operations, then I don’t think you will get the call.
They hire only female candidates for the above profile.

Then y I didn’t get the interview call??

Can you plzz help me? Status is still showing “applied” nd tomorrow is interview

What is your score and academics throughout?

But I didn’t give any elitmus test

Without a score companies won’t be able to shortlist you.

Then atlst status should be shown “not shortlisted” but still it is showing “applied”. Accenture eligibility criteria didn’t demand any pH score by the way

Accenture does not mention about pH score as it does not need a very high score. For the application development profile, I noticed that anyone with 100+ total score got the call this time.

For the status, companies don’t give you a Not Shortlisted unless you fail to match their criteria other than pH score.
For example, if a company wants only IITians and a non-IITian applies, he would get the above status.
Not Shortlisted means the company will never consider you again.

Companies keep your status as Applied so that, if in future, you take a test and score good, they will be able to send you a call.

In Jan when Accenture drive came for IT operations … Then my friends got shortlisted without having pH score only as they gave aptitude test later on which was conducted by Accenture. That time also they were looking for 2017 fresher batch ( only female candidates)

Yup, you are right. In Jan they called candidates without scores too.
People even got call through FirstNaukri.
Maybe they are not doing it this time.

My bad. My hard luck! I was expecting this time also to get shortlisted but it didn’t happen. Atlst Accenture should have mentioned pH score in their eligibility criteria if they were considering pH score this time. Minimum, I got clarity. Now 2018 batch ll come then Accenture will stop looking for 2017 batches😢 … I don’t have any hope left

They might do a 17+18 drive in June/July like last year, but you would get joining next year only.
I agree, Accenture drives here are very complicated and lack information.

Y next year? Isn’t it too late? They give offer letters after selection process na?? Is there no any immediate joining or what?

This is because when they give joining dates, they are sending it to off-campus and campus hires too. So they wait until a batch is formed.

So, for example they select 70 in June, they will make a batch out of 50 and might give them joining within a month or two, but the remaining 20 will have to wait until more people have been selected.

Previous year how they shortlisted the candidates for 2016 + 2017?? I mean agn by pH score or according to their eligibility criteria? Are they hired bulky candidates??

I don’t know much details about shortlisting for last year. But I know many 2016 pass-outs who have joined this year with 2017.

How to know that our colleges are in Accenture lists??

Check this link -