Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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Yes … I also have the same problem… I think they didn’t gibe the joining to those who preferred gurgaon as a first location choice…


I got the accommodation in euphoria


Me too


Hi , I Am from 25th Feb accenture drive .i have not received my offer letter after 15 tasks got approved . Have u got your offer letter or Accenture doesn’t not give offer letter to all?


In task4 it is showing as if others specify is mandatory while i am submited what to do.


There must be some other comments mentioned below that line.
Please check that and submit.


Bro for me there is only 12 tasks and my all task are approved . After that I didn’t get any mail.


Hello guys anyone from 5th Delhi NCR offcampus drive 2019 who got their joining letter after successful approval of all 12 tasks.


Do you have appeared in Delhi drive on 5th Jan . You received offer letter yet


Hey guys, has anyone got offer letter from Jan 5th 2019, off-campus Bangalore batch?


Waiting for the Same mate. All 12 tasks are approved but haven’t received the mail yet.


I did …Mumbai as joining location :frowning:


Did you give interview on 5,6th Jan at Bangalore ?




What about your batchmates @rakesh (like who gave interview with you)

Has anyone got their offer letter to work at Bangalore ?


Yes , I got offer letter also.


None …I don’t know anyone who has got here at Bangalore


At Bangalore as joining loc ?
And when is the joining date ?
And where n when did you give Interview ?


Did you get your location details and accommodation details etc?