Accenture Drive : 11th March

Any update Regarding the drive location ?? is it in bangalore/pune/delhi… any one got interview call ?

i think so update 11 march Pune

Still have to wait for their update…

ya @sourabh_3257770 even i have mailed them regarding the next accenture drive but still , i didn’t got any reply!!!

how many times we can give elitmus

Any update Regarding the drive location ?? Or any one got interview call ??

No idea.

I mailed them multiple times, but it is of no use. They are not responding.

Ya… I think may be no event on 11th it may shift to nxt week and they update the location details soon

They totally removed it from jobs list…@sourabh…Did u call them ?

I called elitmus, they said they also dont have any idea about the final date for drive, and now Accenture has updated d last date to apply to 20 march :sweat_smile:

Ya hope may be again any drive before 20march else after 20 March.

R u got placed or even looking for job??

Do u think writing Amcat would be better this time bcoz accenture drive date is not known ?

Any one know the cut off score in accenture.

100+ scored student generally got call for interview.

No idea…

i got 91 ,is there any possibe to get the call