Accenture Document Stage

Is there anyone whose all tasks have been approved in document stage for the recent accenture fresher hiring ?

Yes. All my documents are approved.

Have you got the offer letter?

No🙁 Have you got it??

Nope. My 2 task is remaining to be approved. Hopefully it will be approved by next week. Do you have any idea when will they roll out offer letters?

ya I think it takes about 1-2weeks.when was your interview? Was it on 4th dec?


I had my interview on 4th dec and all my docs are approved, you got any further communication from accenture regarding offer letter?

no not yet. you?

Not yet. Hope it comes soon.

yup. Please inform me

I got a mail for pre onboard learning. Did you get it?

can you tell me which batch you are from

Got the same but no offer letter. Very strange.

ya, don’t know why they are not sending the offer letter. Have you started with the learning?

I haven’t, but I will. But why no offer letter though?

Can you please tell approximately how many days they take to approve the documents?

They do it within 3-4days

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You are awesome Farhin :sunglasses:

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what was the elimination PH score through which you all are short-listed