Accenture call letter

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my ph score is 188.80 (quants- 80 marks, 98.68%tile. PS- 45 mark, 89.75%tile, English- 63.80marks, 71.43 %tile), ECE, 65% throughout academic. still i am waiting for call.
I have submitted my application on Dec 30th. can i expect accenure call?

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I think no. Most of them have already got the call the next day after submitting the appn.
I too have got 81,90,80 percentiles and still haven’t got it. They are overlooking our applications :frowning:


it means , there is no hope for call


they have shortlisted me for drive on 15th. what about u?


me 2


U got call letter or they inform 15th Jan drive,you have to edit like that.


I already applied.but today they told edit ur application right??. So I hv doubt .


today 9pm


in how many days you get a call for interview after applying for it ? can anyone tell me


yaah, i also got call letter
u know what is game test?


i applied on 29th, today i got call letter.


please any one attach the call letter??


no re m new … so @sanjeet_2356554 what was your score ?


total 188.80


it’s the score or percentile u are saying ?


I applied today the status shown u hv already applied.what can i do???.


wait for the status to change


thank u


no idea. did u accept it?


score , how the percentile would be 188.80