Accenture call letter | 8th jan

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As the person who clears this “Game Test” will be invited for 15th jan interview directly…

i too got the same what does it mean?

i have got it. what kind of questions does it consist of. can anyone help me with this please.

I also got it. Please guide me about it.

yeah mee too any can help out

I also got the same for “Game Test”… No idea which type of question they will ask.

hey ppl…i got it too…does anyone know about it?

I got the mail for game test.

Plzz anyone tell me what is game test?

Hello guys even i got same can anyone help me out please.
have everyone got take from home “game test”?

Is game test is taken from home?

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Hello guys.I got the same mail.Please share what is game test?

I also got the same…where is the exam?

I think game test is taken from home and it is mentioned on the admit card that you received the mail from Accenture on 8th Jan for the game test.

I think no because they have mentioned that this is not an elimination round but u have to give for further interview.

Frds the word game test simple signifies it all…it will be tricky type questions…Jst we all have to grab this golden opportunity …

This is a elimination round bro…

Frm home only

But they have mentioned in selection process.

you can see in the admit card Instruction 4 and 5.