Accenture Associate IT Operations - 21st Jan Delhi

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Any one get call for
Associate IT Operations - Level 12 [16]



Did anyone get the call now?


any male candidates recieved call letter???

no , they made us fool .only for girls

Not yet

Accenture has send a registration link for 21st drive in Delhi for ASE-IO but the drop down for institute details is greyed out. Is anyone else suffering from this problem? can anyone guide me in this?

Yup. I am also facing the same problem. Maybe they will correct the error by tomorrow morning. we will have to wait for some time.

Yes it seems so nd thanks fr the info

yeah i am also facing the same problem

same here girls.

bt they have not corrected it yet…and its given that within 24 hrs we have to register

Yes, I am also facing the same problem, but in the mail it is mentioned to provide details in next 24 hours. What to do?

Should we call at the toll free or helpline number?

Yes we should try to contact someone from Accenture. I dont think that Accenture people are aware of the error regarding the Institute drop down. I tried to look for any means of communication but it wasnt available. If you could find any phone number Do try calling them.

their is no contact no. and elitmus no. is also unreachable

+91 80 4052 6800
+91 80 4138 6006
+91 80 4106 0000
+91 80 4186 6600
+91 80 4026 2000
+91 80 4315 0000
this are some contact aceenture…plz try …if they ansr

they have made d correction