Accenture ASE

any one got call latter for 7th drive ?
what is the process to sending call latter’s behind elitmus.
i have good score and even my collage name also in thr list.


@priyanka_3235025 slots are full so wait for next event

How do you know bro? @kundan_3048711

i called them …and they said

Okay. Any idea when the next drive gonna take place?

no buddy just wait and keep patience … they will hire soon

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From those who got call letter, anyone is there who’s score is below 100… or all are above 100?

might be above 100 as many people have got on 101 even

when do you think the next drive will be?

hope soon…

is there any chance of shortlisting without the college name in list?

to whomm did u call elitms pepp


wat the slots mean means onlyy 100 pepp called fro the inteview

I just open my elitmus account at 11pm today and it is written that your confirmation date is over. They even didnot give us 24 hours for confirmation of interview. Just written here that you had to confirm your interview call before 10am today(i.e. before 2nd jan). and last date of apply is 3 january. What the ■■■■ is going on?

If last Date of apply is 3 january then how can confirmation date is over on 2nd january?

because many ppl are applying for it, they’ll give a very short window. Did u try contacting elitmus?

Yes… but they didnot receive the call.