Accenture ASE-IO profile | 2016 batch | calls , interviews, offers and joinings

Is it mandatory to carry evidence of having applied for passport while appearing for this drive??And what are the technical skills to be prepared for the technical round?

No not mandatory to carry passport you can submit at the time of joining :slight_smile:
Basic C program will be enough to ■■■■■ that drive and presence of mind will matter most :slight_smile:

Thanks.I read somewhere that it is a non-technical profile.Is that true?

there is many opening some are non-technical some or technical
the recent opening was non-technical :slight_smile:
and if you are asking about that then just focus on communication skills :slight_smile:

this is technical

i heard that they will ask networking,troubleshooting questions because profile is IT OPERATIONS LEVEL-12 and it is support role so can u confirm?

Even I heard the same.

ITO job is not technical job I have confirmed with Accenture employee :slight_smile: ght_smile:

What does it mean regarding Drive like no venue details, no Information so…
Actually iam new to this elitmus!!!

Did anyone get the admit card that is to be sent by Accenture apart from the elitmus admit card???

I have scored 118.quant-93 percentile,verbal-80,lr-50,should i expect accenture call.and some were saying that they would even call guys scored around 70-100.then why…?does anybody have venue detail…?please share if anybody has any information

Is there anyone who got the registration link from accenture regarding 3rd june ???

How many of them got admit card for accenture on 3rd june ?

Cam u share ur score

How is today’s drive???

ok.when we will gwt to know about our results?they said company will send mail.Within how many days we are gonna get mail?
Any idea??

Wait upto tuesday or wednsday.

Did anybody get any mail from accenture??

I got around 15 minutes back
They have asked me to give educational detils within 24 hours

I got the mail… they have asked to give educational details.