Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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Your batch 24-25 Nov???


U got offer letter and DOJ???




Do u have 8 sem(1st year two sem) or 7 sem(1st year 1 sem)?




Your batch 24-25 Nov?? And which city?


1st year Two semester
Total 4 year - 8 semester


I am having an issue with uploading my payslips in task 9. The task has got rejected several times. It says the payslip is not uploaded in correct format. Can u pls help me with this?


Please select no and upload 1 and 2 separately.

Which format are you uploading?
Please trail and error all formats.

If you are only getting a warning, then ignore it and click agree and continue.


In Task-6 I had selected YES and it’s already approved no further change is possible in that case, and apart from that B.Tech semester 1&2 is together as 1st year. So, how can I upload them separately.
It already get rejected twice, what else could be done to avoid rejection?


What is the reason for rejection?


I have uploaded it as zipped file. Still the task is getting rejected.


Select NO and upload.(or)
U can try to upload both docs into one pdf


Nov 24-25, Bangalore


You can drop a mail or contact helpdesk


Anyone got offer letter from accenture for 15 dec drive in pune.I had submitted all the tasks on 18 dec but only two tasks are aproved.How long it will take to get the offer letter.


I will get approved before due date ,don’t worry


Ok thanks


Hi, if there is any rejection, will they send the task again with in the due date? or we will have to wait till the due date, to know whether there will be a rejection or an approval?


If there is any rejection they’ll let u know and give enough time to rectify it.