Accenture and CGI

Did anyone know when Accenture and CGI is coming for recruitment??

May be in nov/dec 2017

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Ask elitmus

Yup, checking previous records, most companies hire in November/December.

Bro the level of interview is very tough

cut off percentile ??

Why Accenture interview would be tough? They hire for IT operations. I don’t think there is a need for flawless coding skills, data structures, or is it?

120+ with no -ve marks in any section

hmm i have heard that too bro but lets wait n watch for which profile they will be hiring…!!

hey i have above 150 but i have -ve in one of the sections so wat would be their take on this do u have any idea…

as i have read on quora MNC generally prefer +ve marks in all 3 section. u can read on quora too.

i was just going through that only actually everywhere it is written 120+ ,that’s why i have asked u …

bro but i read smwhere u need to have +ve in all 3 sections.

No no i told the other interviews are tough,accenture is a mass recruiter…they will take a lot

These drives would be for 2017 batch?
and which profile would they be hiring for ASE or IT operations?

I don’t know how accenture recruit through elitmus .But , I know about their process of on-campus recruitment.Last year , it came to my college and interview process was so easy.Nothing technical , there was just group discussion .Since there are so many people who give elitmus test , may be they make interview process a little bit of tough.

No. They are mass recruiters. They won’t have so much time to do a deep technical interview.
They call large number of candidates and also hire large numbers.
Process would be same- GD, Technical, HR.

guys dont depend on accenture it dumped nearly 1000 candidates in 2016 batch through amcat and elitmus