Accenture 8 Feb result query

I gave my interview today for Accenture, they told that u have cleared interview process and then they asked to fill up forms for all those who cleared interview process.later they told we are not selected yet they will let us know next there chance of rejection even after interview is cleared and meets eligibility criteria? Do u have any idea

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How many out of total candidates got selected and how many of them got rejection ?

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Around half of the guys got selected and they were requested to fill the form.guy from elitmu said that u just have cleared interview process and u will get to know in next week

How many candidates appeared for interview? @pund_2905807

Accenture is hiring like crazy, there also hiring through Amcat now and focusing mainly on the communication skills. So any person with decent verbal communication skills has a good shot at being selected. And yes they decide everything then and there but they hold the result for sometime and then release it.

I m not able to understand that that why they have told us to fill the Accenture employment form if the results are not decided yet .

That’s why I am worried

We were not told to fill AEF. This is really strange. Anyways how many candidates participated in the interview process ?

May be 100+

Did you clear interview @c_priyanka_3170031

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vikash bro ,i had went to elitmus office day before yesterday and i said to that i have done diploma after 12th of 1year , so i have only 1 year gap . so they said that u just filled your diploma section and u will get call. But accenture drive is on 11th and till now i did’nt get call. i have to prepare for accenture but till now i did not receive call letter. please help me on this .

Bro I understand your anxiety, but you have to wait. There will be drives for Accenture in month end also. If you satisfy the eligibility criteria then you will get a call for sure.


Any one got link

What is the marks or percentiles to get the interview call for Accenture

I just got link to create my profile on Accenture have to upload my documents. Did anyone get.? I want to know the result are still pending or is it their way of selection…?

when did u attend the drive @rathod_3146787?

when was ur drive @pund_2905807


how many attended the drive @pund_2905807

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