those who got the link to register as well as to create profile and completed those 13 tasks…has anyone got any sort of further mail from accenture…and do you guys have ■■■■■■■■ group?? as it would be easy to communicate and pass on the information…

iam also at same stage.

Only completion of 13 tasks was the last mail…I think v need to wait for the completion of Feb 4th drive…all the selected candidates vl be getting offer letter at once…

validity of all task is 23 so i think we will get some update after 23

@pushpen_3176107 how much was your pH score?


is there anyone who got selected with a ph score of 110 ?

yes i had 110 ph score

friends after how many days was the result declared of your drive. we had our drive on 15th jan…the result has not yet come

it took 5 days for us bro

hope so…we get the mail after 4th :confused:

Yeah may be…due date is 23rd so v may expect after 23rd also…hope as soon as possible

but the mail said do it within next three days…well @k_anusha_3086849 what is your status in all those 13 tasks 5 approved and 8 submitted??

Yes 5 approved nd 8 submitted

and we only need to upload the documents and click “submit and next” and at last upload the declaration form right?? or is there anything else to do?:confused:

Nothing else…I raised a query to accenture but there’s no mail till now…within 3 days they need to reply but no mail yet

even i too wrote query but no reply …atleast they should give a confirmation mail…keeping us in dilemma

Friends i had interview on 15th January, and they said they are going to inform us within 2 or 3 days.
yes if there any ■■■■■■■■ group plz let me know.

Is there any wtsap grp for those who selected in 7th jan…? Pls let me know

9743316487 @k_anusha_3086849 ping me