Accenture 23rd March drive, did not recieve admit card till now

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Has everyone received their admit card from Accenture? The one that you were supposed to receive 2 days prior to the interview date and was supposed to contain the interview location. I have not received it till now.

Even i have not received the admit card.What does it mean?

there is no way to contact accenture directly also.

Will they consider us the next time or they wont call us at all?

Even I have not received Accenture admid card for the drive 23rd march when will we receive it?

i got mine just now

keep checking your mails they may release it really late

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Did you send any mail to them regarding admit card?

also try calling them at 7259104792

Helpline is open till 5 PM nly.Will thy attend now?

Did you receive?

I did not received yet did you?

No…Did you call to that number?

Ya but no1 received it

Everytime they do the same.They don’t attend.

Now will we get in some other drive or tats it?

They even are not specifing why we r not getting the admit cards even we satisfy all the eligibility criteria

Yes then y do they let us to apply if thy don’t sent admit card😐

What did you guys choose as your preferred location?

It was for location Bangalore so we choose Bangalore