Accenture 21st drive

If I am applying for a accenture 21st drive it shows u had alrdy applied…my prfrrd location was bnglre…my friends whose prfrrd location was Delhi they got call letter to attend if my prfrrd location was bnglre I wouldn’t get call letter…please tell me clearly…I am confused with this…i need to keep Delhi as my prfrrd location to attend intrvw

It is showing shortlisted yet…

Status shows not shortlisted

Which did interview location?

U uploaded the pic na it shows not shortlisted…my intrvw location was delhi

my prefered location is delhi nd I didn’t got call letter yet

I have already applied and location of interview was Bangalore plz tell me how can I edit and attend the interview for accenture

i think drive is held both at delhi and banglore u should select ur nearest locatiom

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how much ph score is needed for accenture???

It’s better to put intrvw location as delhi bcoz drive is in delhi only now bnglre…


We will get admit card may be by Monday or the time is there na till 18th Jan…let’s wait

What are my chances for Accenture??
My percentile are:73 -verbal ,63- quant, logical-63

I’m not sure bcoz I too didn’t get the admit card…my score is 101…prcntile is 199

bro i already select attend Accenture drive is only for preferred location banglore or dehil vennue atte are allowed for it or not?

Which did u attend lnterview preferred location ?