Accenture 21 jan banglore aptitude test mail


I recieved a mail that you have not cleared apptitude test but I didn’t got any link for aptitude test how can I get aptitude assesmen rejected?

does any one recieved the same ??


yes …


same here i don’t understand which aptitude test they are talking


Don’t worry there must be some problem with their server, once it will be fixed they will send an apology mail about this.:slight_smile :


Recieved a message twice that you have not cleared apptitude test whats going on ??


I have also received the same mail. But there was no aptitude test . So how can we get rejected.??



exaclty the sam i got too…WILL ANY 1 from ELITMUS will reply whats happening there ???


No one from elitmus is replying. Faced same problem


Same problem here… when they told to take aptitude??


even i got the text message too that you have not cleared apptitude test ! what is going on here…


got the same mail,even a message to mobile


i too got a same mail and Text massage


Did any1 try to get in touch with them?


Guys i have got a mail from elitmus but they attached 3 document in it and they told to fill up the form and send it to the link provided but i can’t find any link there. Please help me with this.


got message that aptitude cleared


what question asked in the aptitude test?


Srirup I am also facing same prob they attached 3 documents to fill the form and send it to Link but link is given there and now I got mail about eligibility conformation…

I am in a dilemma