Accenture 20th march

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Any one got the call letter for accenture drive which is there on 20th March??

can u plzz share your score

for which location?

accenture stopped hiring dude if ur 2017 batch try next yearr

your comment does not make any sense. accenture is still there to apply if you have the right ph score. have a look on your job board. and moreover they have not started to hire 2017 batch.
comment something that makes a positive sense.

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Guys , Accenture derive through Amcat will be there or not??
If any idea then share

Exactly… They don’t know anything and giving negative reply here… Still it shows last date 20march to apply.

Well I’m not able to see the Accenture notification in job board of 20th March and can anyone guide me…?

any one got call frm accenture