Accenture 19 October 2019 Off-campus

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I want to change my drive location and preferred location from Pune to Delhi for Accenture Drive which will be held on 19th October,2019.
So can someone help me out and tell me how to do it?

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Even i want to change from pune to Bangalore?
Can someone please tell as I’m not getting the decline options too?

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At least this time they should provide the admit card.

Did anyone get admit card for 19th drive ?

If any one gets the admit card please tell

Anyone got admit card for oct 19 2019 accenture drive?


Where you fill your details Accenture registration link or eLitmus , I don’t got Accenture shared link can anyone please send

Guys pls create one ■■■■■■■■ group who ever not received a admit card and share a link

Is it pH test is maditory to get admit card?

If you received any mail share in this chat regarding registration

I think yes !

Did you ?



Admit card issue date?

Anyone got the admit card for accenture drive?

Raledu bro


i have received an email confirming that i matched with the eligibility criteria but now i am also waiting for my admit card