About Webyog written test on 5 feb


Is there any one who have written test of Webyog on 5 feb


Yes I just received the mail


do you have any idea what type of questions they will ask


Check glassdoor and other websites. There are things posted by other people on their experience.


As far as specific questions go, even I’m not that sure.


can i know wt is ur score??






Does anyone know what would be the test duration ?


yes…But i am confused as my UPSC (CDS) exam is also on the same day.


go for CDS if you are doing preparation for that.


Prepare For aptitude section
LR section
verbal section
Most Important Software Testing
Various Types Of Testing.:slight_smile:


have u given the test…?


My brother gave the test and i discused it with my brother
I am 2017 batch…


i want to know test duration and weather it is subjective or mcq


some questions will be subjective too mainly from techsavie round


it is mentioned on glassdoor that it will be 60 min but somewhere it is mentioned 90 min


thanks bro


ya also got for Quality assurance post at Webyog written test call. in glassdoor people have mentioned the company do not select majority of candidates, also the company size is only 50 employs…m bit confuse whether go for it or not…


there is no harm in attending test. it will give experience so go for it.