About the CGI drive application

Hello frnds
Here the problem is few months aug-2016 back i had applied for the cgi drive . At that time i was not shortlisted because my elitmus scores were not meet the cgi criteria. At that i was in chennai. so i have kept my preferd location as chennai. And last week jan 22 i wrote again the elitmus exam in bangalore . i had a average score which is suitable to cgi company. Now i am in bangalore. I have tried to change my prefered location as bangalore in cgi appplication which i had applied at eariler. But i was not able to edit that ,it was showing like “YOU CANNOT EDIT THE APPLICATION IN THIS STAGE”. How can i edit my application and change my preferd location. last date for apply is jan 31. please help me…
Thanks in advance

hello gundlapalli

You applied for that drive before and not shortlisted like exactly mine.
But this time I have the score (102) to apply for CGI drive to be held on feb, but whenever I am going to apply for the drive it is showing that ’ You have already applied for the drive ’ .
For the upcoming drive I am not being able to apply hence.
How are you applying?

hello sankhadip
even i was also not applied again for that. for me also it showing like “you have already applied”.I dont know how to update that. Do you have have any idea?? if you find the solution please share with me
Thanking you

I wrote Elitmus for the first time, got 109 on aggregate. Can I expect a call letter?

I guess they will sent an email to you along with the invitation for the drive, from that you will get a link to change whatever you want.
better call them on the number, I know they never recieve but still give a try.
Thank you

CGI and ACCENTURE are there for you. You can find them on the job board if you dont then google it and it will automatically go to elitmus site hence you will be able to apply.
Thank you.

Accenture has declined my application, CGI has not declared anything. I suppose I need to score 50 more. Thanks

is my score is eligible for attending Cgi/ Accenture drive ?
quantitative 71%
verbal 56%
problem solving with negative score 29%.

I think you are not eligible. Because you got negative score. Give an another try.

I too thinking like that. My score is 83 with out negatives. Will I receive the call letter from CGI
Thanks in advance

Till now I also haven’t received call letter from CGI

What is your scores and when you applied??

Score is 105 applied on 23rd jan, what abt u

Sure, you will get the call letter. Mine is 83 and I don’t know whether cgi will consider my mark. I hope they will consider but I want to change my preferred location. I was not able to edit the CGI application which I had applied at earlier