About syllabus

cryptarthimetic problems will be there in prblem solving please reply me

Crypt arithmetic will be there and will have 3 questions totaling to 30 marks.
If you are able to solve it, then 30 marks will get you around 80 percentile.

Question will be either Multiplication or Division.

the question will be simple or difficult

From my experience, there were both easy and difficult questions in every section.
If you are prepared well, you will be able to get a good score.

Keep in mind that -

  • You do not need to do all 60/60 questions.
  • Negative marking is dangerous. Attempt only that you are sure of.

During the exam you will feel that answering 4-5 questions for, say Quants, is very low and you will get the urge to just guess the answers for some questions. Try to resist that.
I did the same mistake, I solved 4 questions in Quants but felt its low, so I guessed and marked some questions and ended up getting only 72 percentile.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face: