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@elitmus_test_3090117 … I have Given my exam on 5th of march. But results are not yet declared. When results will get declared.?

Did you produce original documents?

Same here I have given my exams on 5th March 2017 and all documents are submitted.

what it means “Produce” ?

I also have submitted… Notify me when your result will out.

I have also given my test on 5th march. But unfortunately i forgot to brought my original certificates.
Now , my result is pending.
One of friend was also a part of this test on 5th march, His result was out after 3 days of that test !!!
Now, I am totally not getting where should i reach to show my original certificates or to get my result .

hi ajay …Did u get the result??

Hi Suraj, similar thing had happened to me. You need to go to E-Litmus office in HSR layout 6th Sector, Near FERNHILLS apartments. Submit your originals. You will get result in 14 working days

Hi Joshi, your results will be out in 14 working days, provided that you have submitted your documents correctly to the invigilator who was there,on the day of exam.

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I have shown all the original documents, But my last semester marksheet is Provisional mark sheet.
Is because of that my results are not coming or any other reason?
Perhaps the invigilator have told me that is fine to submitt the provisional mark sheet.

where is this location ? Is this in delhi ?

Thanks for reply, well i am in delhi, so is there any office nearby delhi ncr, where should i go in order to the verfication of my documents ?