Can i give the test 2 times, if i will not get good marks in first attempt. i want to give 2nd attempt. how the score will update? and I am a Fresher. my BTECH PERCENTAGE IS 6.23CGPA (57%) , 10+2 (95%) and 10th(89%), am i eligible to the companies??
ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND help me broda and siss.
have a great day. tq

Hello Lakshmi, you can definitely give the e-litmus test any number of times.
You will have two separate scores for the two tests or any number of tests.
Ex : 1st test : Your scores in first test
2nd test : Your scores in second test.

About your percentage in B.Tech, different companies ask different cut-off score., so don’t worry, just get good score in e-litmus and wait for call letters.
Good luck.

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