About ph score related query

Hello guys, today i got the mail about to my test results.
I just check out it but one small query is be their that is in my score section their are two columns exactly which columns i am consider as my ph score any once know then please help me to which column i can consider as a ph score.

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Hi Pachpor,
The middle column is your score and the right column is your percentile.

Score is how much you have scored in that section out of 200.

Percentile is, like a rank. Suppose you got 60 percentile. Then it means, your score is better than 60% of test takers.

Mostly, percentile is taken into consideration by companies.
You scores are low and you need to retake the test. You have negative score in Quants, due to which you will not get calls.

Please take time to do a better preparation and try to score 80 to 90 percentiles in all the sections.
All the best.