About Bidgely


What is the minimum pH score for Bidgely ?


I think around 250


My score is around 190, still I got a call. I think they are looking for guys with high score in quant.


My score is 236, also quant percentile is 99.11 still didn’t get called for interview.


I dont know man, mine is 99.82.


I have 92. 77 in quant still i got the call.


showing status applied for me. will they clearly show or not about reject ?


I have 97%ile in Quant. I have total score of 203. I also didn’t get call.


Mine is 98.4 in quant and total is 188 , but didn’t get the call.


i think they also consider your graduation, 12th & 10th marks.


It may be because of the your location.


my location is bangalore only


My score is 280, (140+50+90)… Percentile (99,91,99) still no call


Anyone here got a call for the telephonic technical interview?


which branch?