9 to 5 - the work hours

We play hard!! And other secrets@work

To get a sense of how we approach work , do read our core values as well

**Physical Infrastructure**
  • Open seating

  • Cabins only for meetings

Work environment

  • Merit driven

  • Zero tolerance to politics / ■■■■■■■ up

  • Intrapreneur friendly (with power comes responsibilities)

**Approach to work**
  • Belief in philosophy of “Genius is 99% prespiration and 1% inspiration”. Lots of hard work leads to smart work and eventually innovation

  • Fix the problem not the responsibility

  • High ownership is encouraged. For us the true measure of ownership is when you are willing to own results and not hide behind your effort. In the process it is perfectly fine to disagree with your seniors including the CEO

  • Build frameworks in which one has to operate and be quick to dismantle them for something better

  • Sense of community / being the change - for example if evening snacks can be improved, work with stakeholders to do that OR own ensuring 24x7 uptime of generator … the list goes on.

  • Enjoy

**The quirks**
  • We wash our own utensils post our meals (breakfast / tea/ lunch / snacks)

  • We respect food, but who says cream on cakes is healthy. So it always finds it way to the face (at times hair) of the birthday boy/girl