9 th June Accenture drive

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I was trying to apply for Accenture but it is showing error, and I’m eligible for this drive

Hi Sneha,
What error are you getting? Could you provide some more details.

hi myself Nikita, as today on 06/06/2018 i have cleared Accenture mock test and scheduled for tomorrow i.e on 07/06/2018 in elitmus Bangalore office. i mean to ask if it is possible for elitmus to arrange a center for aptitude in pune itself as i m staying in shirdi and from shirdi to bangalore is around approx. 1010 kms or arrange travelling allowances ?

Hi Nikita,
The interview locations are Delhi/Bangalore only.
There is no travel allowance paid for interviews.

Did anyone get joining for 9 june delhi drive?

yes I did

When is the joining?

And when did you get the mail?

joining is on 26th july and I got the mail a couple of days ago

What location did you get?


Not got the offer letter yet.

What was your preferred location? Got any phone call??

Preferred location was Pune. No… didn’t get any phone call either

mine was also pune. My third preference was gurgaon so i got a call from accenture to check whether I’m interested in Gurgoan location. I said yes.
What was your 2nd and 3rd choice?

2nd choice was Bangalore and 3rd Mumbai.

So I think you’ll get Bangalore. Maybe there’s requirement in only Gurgaon right now. This drive was only for Gurgaon and Bangalore locations. You should try to get in touch with people whose preference is Bangalore. Sooner or later you will get the offer letter. Stay positive. Wish you good luck!

got any office location and also got accommodation details??

No not yet

Ok same here. I m waiting all the details.