27 Nov Results

Any expected date for 27 Nov ph Test results?

How was paper bro

I am also giving my 3rd attemt in elitmus

it would be released after 12-21 working days after the date of exam.

it was good, hoping for good score.

It is your first attemt

How many questions you attemt in aptitude And reasoning and in enish

hey rajat,is their any boundation??? that if u give more three times elitmus then company will not consider ur score for 4th time,and they will not call.

Actually I also not know

But I get callots from company

But I get called from company

Is this your first attemt or any other attemt

that was my secondattempt

Actually I am sure that attemt is not matter percentile is matter that’s why

In the site, they have mentioned it clearly that do not give more than 3 attempts because companies will not consider you much. You’ll get less opportunities as compared to others. But still, if you are planning for it, then go ahead, give your best…

i have low academic grades i have <60% in graduation so how much chance to get job through elitmus.
plz reply

hey rajat, how u can be sure ??? if they have mentioned that more than 3 attempts will not be given the priority.

Because I called elitmus and tell the situation


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Bro what is your score in elitmus please define each section separately with their score and marks