2018 fresher

My pH test score is 93 percentile in verbal,69.8 percentile in quantitative and 25 percentile in problem solving section. Is there any chances to get any company? Is there any sectional cutoff that needs to be cleared?

Total score of 140+ is good.

You are from 2018 batch. You have some time in your hands. Prepare well and take another test.
Try to score at least 85 percentile in all sections.

You may check this post-

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

My score is 172.5…what are my chances?I’m still a final year student…

Individual scores also matter. For service based companies like accenture, CGI this score is more than enough. if possible take the test again. Try to score above 200 you will receive calls from almost all companies


@aishwarya_3111175 what are your percentiles in individual sections?
I don’t think you need to take another test. Your score is good.

Well,these are my scores.
1.verbal is 85%
2.prob solving is 96%
3.quants is 82% …

Percentiles are very good.
No need for another test.

Now just prepare your technical skills.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers !

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its a good score but if u r in final year u can give another attmpt …

your score is really good and if you are from CS/ISE branch you will definitely get calls from almost every company.I am telling this from my experience cause i have 92%ile 80%ile 63%ile.All the best for your drive.

Her score is good enough to get calls. There is no point in appearing again.
How many attempts you take does matter.
Companies can see all the scores, and the lesser attempts, the better.

Would you be kind enough to name a few companies that may consider my score(172.5… ),Mr Sumit?


There are going to be tech rounds in the companies ,aren’t there??

Almost all companies are going to call you, like Accenture, Webyog, Cleartrip, Aptean.
(There is no guarantee that companies which are hiring now, will hire next year also). There might be new companies hiring. But 172 is good enough to get calls.

It also depends on your academics(X & XII). Some want 80% while some want only 60%.

Yes, there will be multiple technical interviews in companies. There will be written tests also.
Usually the procedure for most companies here, I have seen-

  1. Take from home coding
  2. Written test (technical + aptitude)
  3. Technical Interview 1
  4. Technical Interview 2
  5. HR Round.
    [This may vary from company to company.]

have you been placed??

I’m a 2017 passout still trying.


First 2018 Internship

My score is as follows
Verbal-150 Percentile-99.53
Quantitative-90 Percentile-99.20
Problem Solving-22.50 Percentile-71.85
What are my chances and when will the recruitment for 2018 start ?