2016 pass-out. Fresher

Can a 2016 pass-out with 0 experience get a good job through eLitmus? Exam date is 23ed July.

i’m also 2016 passout CSE . i have same query , actually whether their is any oppurtunity for 2016 passed out(FRESHERS) ?

Wait, so you mean there is almost no hope even if you have a good percentile, just because you are from non-IIT non-NIT and just because you are 2016 passout??? Is this actually a website that helps freshers?

NITian and IITians have ocean of oppurtunities we all know. But i’m nt from any. So , their is no chance ?

2016 batch will also get calls and there is no need to be only from iit and nit. Some of the companies prefer only iit nit graduates but most dont have that issue of college. Bt surely dont be completely dependent on elitmus for jobs, keep trying from ur end, in mean time u may get call from elitmus also.

It is not necessary u got the called from company if ur nitians or iitians. I was selected nd worked for 9 months in customised technologies pvt ltd through elitmus. After i resigned from that company it has been upto 2 months, i did nt have a single call from company through elitmus.