2 shortlisting at same time

Hi ,
I have been shortlisted for SAMSUNG and ATTIVO at the same time . Now since I cannot attend both the events . What can I do . I have accepted Samsung’s event because It arrived earlier .

Can u please tell how much time ago u received the call?? and for what location?
i mean event location

for Attivo today in evening and for samsung yesterday in evening

location is delhi for both which is my preferred location

you must attend samsung’s event since you have confirmed
Now you have only one choice left …that is to decline Attivo’s call

delhi for both mam

if I decline their offer … would they call me for a next drive

this is an issue …coz confirming and not attending is also an issue and so is not selecting either

i seriously have no idea about the latter half of ur query

thats ok . Thanks :slight_smile:

I confirmed bidgely technologies and ddn show up, even then they called me again for their next drive. Declining is not an issue but confirming and not attending is. Tell attivo about your problem, they will call you for their next drive.

They have given a number which no body picks up. And now this has increased to 3 shortlistings on the same day . :frowning:

Cant these companies communicate :frowning:

yes, happened with me, I declined one company and they called me again,

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which company was that

Happened with me too… Bidgely did that

will samsung do that???

It’s Accenture